Jul 26, 2017 / Jan Daniel

Libyan Civil War: Enabling Illicit Migration Flows, Threatening Libya’s Neighbors

Only by supporting a long-term political solution to the Libyan conflict can the EU address the migration crisis

Migration, Human Rights, Middle East, EU

Jan 16, 2017 / Matthieu Crévecoeur

EU has a role to play in the Syria Peace Talks II.

Matthieu Crévecoeur continues to analyse the current situation in the Middle East with connection to the suspended peace talks in Genève. He underlines the importance of solidarity and courage which should be demonstrated by the EU in order to make the pe

EU, Syria, Europe, Migration

Jan 16, 2017 / Christian Kvorning Lassen

Future prospects of Denmark’s participation in Europol following the recent “no” to abolishing the opt-out

Christian Kvorning Lassen's follow-up blog about the three major obstacles that need to be overcome before a parallel agreement can be a reality, which seems highly unlikely, as he outlined in previous post.

EU, Europe, Migration

Jan 16, 2017 / Christian Kvorning Lassen

Scandinavian domino: Denmark follows Sweden in tightening border controls

Following the announcement of Sweden and Denmark to re-introduce border controls in the light of the refugee crisis, Christian Kvorning Lassen looks at the broader implications of this move and the future of the Schengen area.

EU, Europe, Migration

Jan 16, 2017 / Matthieu Crévecoeur

French foreign policy has to be reconsidered

In the wake of the November 13 Paris attacks, French president Francois Hollande decided to intensify the French military operations to a level politically and financially unbearable in the long term.

Russia, EU, Syria, Ukraine, Europe, Migration

Jan 16, 2017 / Christian Kvorning Lassen

Three myths about refugees, immigrants and the European refugee crisis

The refugee crisis has highlighted hitherto latent divisions within the EU, particularly amongst the V4 countries and Western Europe. The division is, at first glance, rooted in fundamentally differing perceptions of the crisis, giving rise to several my

EU, Slovakia, Czech Republic, V4, Europe, Migration

Jan 16, 2017 / Christian Kvorning Lassen

Profit or perish? Hungary and the Czech Republic’s response to the refugee crisis

How politicians in the Czech Republic and Hungary react on the migration crisis? A what myths are currently related to migration in those countries? New blog by Christian Kvorning Lassen.

EU, Czech Republic, Hungary, V4, Migration

Jan 16, 2017 / Martin Michelot

More divisions and fewer decisions: just another day in Brussels?

Will the V4 countries find a common ground with the

EU, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Europe, Migration, Balkan

Jan 16, 2017 / Tereza Novotná

Federica Mogherini and Her First Year as HRVP

Policy brief by Tereza Novotná - summarizing and assessing the first year of Federica Mogherini as HRVP.

EU, Czech Republic, Democracy, Europe, Migration

Jan 09, 2017 / Antall József Knowledge Centre

In Focus - 25 years of the Visegrad Cooperation

The first issue of the Antall József Knowledge Centre's new journal In Focus commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Visegrad Cooperation. Articles and interviews are analysing the history of the cooperation and those current social and political process

EU, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, V4, Europe, Migration

Apr 28, 2016 / Adam Balcer,Dániel Bartha, Edit Inotai and Lucia Najšlová

A View from Central Europe: Will the EU deal with Turkey work?

Central Europe’s leading experts share their views on the EU deal with Turkey

Migration, V4, EU

Mar 31, 2016 / Helga Kalm, Jüri Luik, Anna Bulakh, Piret Pernik, Henrik Praks

The European Union Global Strategy: How Best to Adapt to New Challenges?

ICDS research fellows provide recommentation for the new EU Global Strategy.

Migration, Europe, Asia, Africa, Democracy, Ukraine, Syria, Middle East, EU, Russia, Global Security

Mar 15, 2016 / Prague Centre for Transatlantic Relations (PCTR)

PCTR Newsletter (2/2016)

PCTR Newsletter

USA, NATO, EU, Czech Republic, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Europe, Migration

Mar 04, 2016 / Marta Szpala, Kamil Frymark

Patching the Western Balkan migration route

Actions taken by the Balkan countries, despite German criticism, may make it easier to develop comprehensive EU solutions to the migration crisis.

Migration, EU

Feb 18, 2016 / Andrei Yeliseyeu

Latvian Visa-Free Border Zones with Russia and Belarus: What are They and Why

After the launch of the local border traffic (LBT) regime with Russia in June 2013, Latvia became the second EU country, after Poland, that has effective LBT agreements with two neighboring countries. A number of the EU countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Roman

Russia, EU, Europe, Migration

Feb 18, 2016 / Prague Centre for Transatlantic Relations (PCTR)

PCTR Newsletter (1/2016)

PCTR Newsletter

Energy Security, Economic Security, Nuclear, USA, NATO, Russia, EU, Middle East, Czech Republic, Syria, Ukraine, Israel, Europe, Migration

Feb 10, 2016 / Milan Šuplata, Péter Krekó, Jakub Janda, Lóránt Győri.

Information war monitor for Central Europe: December 2015

Information war monitor for Central Europe: December 2015

NATO, Russia, EU, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Syria, V4, Europe, Migration

Jan 04, 2016 / Agata Biernat, Research Fellow at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation

The Balkans and the migration crisis

The EU should find a way to include the Balkan countries in the decision-making process on a joint solution to the migration crisis. These countries have declared their wish to co-create European solidarity, and take their share of responsibility for this

Hungary, Human Rights, V4, Europe, Migration

Dec 02, 2015 / Edit Inotai

Merkel and Orbán: Splitting the EU?

The political difference between PM Orbán and Chancellor Merkel is evident and it has been aggravated by Orbán’s surprise move to side openly with Horst Seehofer and the CSU in a German domestic debate concerning refugees

Migration, Europe, Democracy, Hungary, EU, Global Security, Economic Security

Oct 28, 2015 / Milan Šuplata, Jiří Schneider, Marian Majer

Crisis in Ukraine and the V4’s Defence and Military Adaption

By annexing Crimea and fuelling violence in the Ukraine’s easternmost regions, Russia seriously broke basic principles of international law and shook assumptions about cooperative character of post-Cold War security architecture in Europe. Yet, the seemin

Migration, Europe, V4, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, EU, NATO, Global Security

Oct 23, 2015 / Marta Jaroszewicz

The migration of Ukrainians in times of crisis

The year 2015 brought a rapid surge in the number of Ukrainians migrating to the EU, mainly to Poland.

Ukraine, Migration

Oct 22, 2015 / Krzysztof Strachota, Marta Jaroszewicz, Artur Ciechanowicz

The EU’s migration crisis: an offer for Turkey

In recent weeks, cooperation with Turkey has been gaining strategic importance for the European Union and its member states in solving the migration crisis.

Migration, EU

Oct 05, 2015 / Aleksandra Jarosiewicz, Krzysztof Strachota

Turkey and the Syrian refugee problem

Turkey plays a key role in the crisis caused by the migration of refugees from Syria.

Migration, Syria, EU

Sep 29, 2015 / Frank Markovic

A missed opportunity for V4 to rise above themselves

The Visegrad Four belonged to the small group of states that opposed the quotas from the very beginning. Their stance came at a price. The vote on Tuesday is particularly damaging for the V4 not least because it has undermined the unity of the block.

Migration, Europe, V4, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, EU

Sep 24, 2015 / Martin Michelot

Central Europe's transformed image in Brussels: Assessing consequences

As time passes and migratory pressures continue to increase, with another estimated 6000 asylum-seekers having made their way into Hungary yesterday, any meeting of European decision-makers in Brussels is observed with increased scrutiny and expectations

Migration, Europe, V4, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, EU

Sep 24, 2015 / Frank Markovic

EU Autumn of Discontent: what awaits the V4?

How can the V4 countries coordinate their positions towards the refugee crisis and the EU referendum in the UK?

Migration, Europe, V4, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, EU

Aug 28, 2015 / Marta Szpala, Marta Jaroszewicz

Macedonia and the migrant crisis

When the mounting scale of the influx of refugees to Europe, their determination and the weakness of the Macedonian state are all taken into account, a further escalation of the crisis should be expected, not only in Macedonia but also in Serbia.


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