May 26, 2016 / Ed. by Andris Spruds, Diana Potjomkina

Latvia and the United States: Revisiting the Strategic Partnership in a Transforming Environment

Thorough reassessment of and recommendations for the Latvia-US strategic partnership

Energy Security, Global Security, Oil and Gas, USA, NATO, Russia, EU, Ukraine, Democracy, Media, Education, Europe

Mar 10, 2016 / Multiple Authors

European Cybersecurity Journal

Holistic overview of the most recent cybersecurity matters from jurisdical, technological and military perspective. Next issue of the ECJ will be released in April.

Cyber Security, Global Security, NATO, EU, Poland, Education, V4, Europe

Feb 18, 2015 / Students

IDS Magazine

Grassroots analyses providing original thought on international relations

Czech Republic, Media, Education

Feb 18, 2015 / John K. Glenn, Bruce P. Jackson, Lukas Kovanda, A. Wess Mitchell, Cameron Munter, Tomas Pojar, Leah Scheunemann, Jiri Schneider, Alexandr Vondra

Czech – American relations: A roadmap for the future

The Prague Centre for Transatlantic Relations of the CEVRO Institute (PCTR) published with the kind support of a non-profit organization Zaostřeno, o.p.s. and RWE Česká republika a bilingual publication Czech – American relations: A roadmap for the future

Global Security, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, USA, NATO, Russia, EU, United Nations, Middle East, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Democracy, Education, Human Rights, V4, Europe, Afghanistan, Economic Security, Energy Security

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