Feb 27, 2018 / Martin Jirušek

Politicization in the natural gas sector in South-Eastern Europe: Thing of the past or vivid present?

Analysis of natural gas sectors in the South-Eastern Europe and the role of Russia in natural gas supplies to the region

Balkan, Europe, Czech Republic, EU, Energy Security

Jul 24, 2017 / Tamás Lattmann

All’s wrong that starts wrong – withdrawals from the International Criminal Court

What keeps states in a similar structure, what makes them seriously consider a withdrawal, and what is the possible future of the International Criminal Court (ICC)?

EU, United Nations, Human Rights, Africa, Balkan

Jan 16, 2017 / Martin Michelot

More divisions and fewer decisions: just another day in Brussels?

Will the V4 countries find a common ground with the

EU, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Europe, Migration, Balkan

Oct 08, 2016 / Ed. Karlis Bukovskis

Euroscepticism in Small EU Member States

The book “Euroscepticism in Small EU Member States” is an effort by an international team of analysts to address the Euroscepticism phenomenon in small European Union Member States.

Balkan, Europe, Democracy, EU

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