Jan 24, 2017 / Slovak Space Policy Association

SSPA Report 01: Vesmírny sektor potvrdzuje svoj rast

Study mapping contemporary trends in global space sector from the perspective of policy and economy.

Space Security, USA, EU, Europe

Nov 16, 2016 / Tomáš Hrozenský

Space - a Soft Power Tool for Europe?

European Space Policy Institute's "Voices from the Space Community” No. 78

Space Security, Global Security, EU, Europe

Nov 11, 2016 / Lucius Klobučník

What Are the Main Legal Issues Raised by Space Mining?

This paper purports to answer challenging questions of legal issues connected with mining in outer space. It addresses the problem of technical feasibility of a mining venture in outer space and tries to analyze international space law applicable to such

United Nations, Russia, USA, Space Security

Nov 11, 2016 / Tomáš Hrozenský

Space Security and Slovakia

Outer space has become a contested, congested and competitive domain with an ever growing importance to life on Earth. Recently, an increasing number of new players have entered the space arena. Slovakia has also stepped up its space related activities.

Slovakia, United Nations, EU, USA, Space Security

Nov 11, 2016 / Peter Pindják

A Stronger EU in Cosmos: Embracing the Concept of Space Security

The recently unveiled EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy presents bold and ambitious plans in several increasingly important domains for Europe, including outer space. The EU has committed itself to securing an autonomous access to space,

Europe, EU, Space Security

Nov 18, 2015 / Multiple Authors

Eurpean Cybersecurity Journal

Specialised quarterly publication devoted to cybersecurity

Europe, Poland, EU, Global Security, Cyber Security, Space Security

Nov 10, 2015 / Grzegorz Abgarowicz, Ryszard Antkiewicz, Piotr Ciepiela, Michał Dyk, Dominika Dziwisz, Zbigniew Fałek, Piotr Gajek, Rafał Kasprzyk, Włodzimierz Kotłowski, Mirosław Maj, Andrzej Najgebauer, Dariusz Pierzchała, Aleksander Poniewierski, Maciej Pyznar, Mirosł

Critical Infrastructure Security - the ICT dimension

The Kosciuszko Institute's Report represents an analysis of the issues concerning the protection of critical infrastructure with a particular emphasis on IT security issues. The primary goal of this Report is to provide actors engaged in the protection of

Space Security, Cyber Security, Global Security, Poland, Europe

Jul 01, 2014 / PSSI Prague

PSSI'S BI-Annual Report For 2012 And 2013 Is Now Available

PSSI just published its bi-annual 2012&2013 report. The report includes information about all activities, conferences, publications and educational programs undertaken by PSSI in the last 2 years

Energy Security, Space Security, Global Security, Czech Republic

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