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Milan Nič and Marian Majer wrote a comment on the Slovak foreign policy for Capitals Series of Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe Blog.

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Keywords: NATO, Slovakia, V4


Nov 11, 2016

Destination Space

Video from panel discussion at GLOBSEC 2016 conference in Bratislava, Slovakia on topic Destination Space

Space Security, USA, Russia, EU, United Nations

Nov 11, 2016

We are going to Mars! No need to rush.

Recent efforts and activities aimed at Mars exploration suggest that such ambitions are getting closer and closer to reality. Setting up too ambitious technological goals and too tight schedules can, however, do more harm than good. It is necessary to kee

Space Security, USA

Oct 14, 2016

No Revolution Has Taken Place: The Post-2015 Human Rights Foreign Policy of the Czech Republic

In 2015, two new conceptual documents were adopted in the Czech Republic, under the Government of Bohuslav Sobotka – the general Concept of the Czech Republic´s Foreign Policy and a more specific Concept of Human Rights Promotion and Transition Cooperatio

EU, Czech Republic, Human Rights

Oct 14, 2016

Referendum on the refugee quotas in Hungary – protection of sovereignty or much ado about nothing?

The migration crisis has stirred up political debates within the EU and its member states regarding not only possible solutions, but also about the future of the organisation. The first shock has come in the form of the Brexit referendum, the second one c

EU, Hungary, Europe, Migration

Jul 28, 2016

European Re-Engagement in UN Peacekeeping?

The small and medium European states need to face the unexpected challenges to be effectively involved in UN peacekeeping missions

Global Security, NATO, EU, United Nations, Human Rights, Europe, Balkan

Jul 28, 2016

Deterrence or Resilience?

Rather than deploying ground forces on its Eastern flank, the Alliance needs to embrace more sophisticated deterrence measures to dissuade Russia from its disruptive activities. NATO can do this through increased emphasis on resilience, but it must ensure

Cyber Security, Global Security, NATO, Russia, EU, Poland, Education, Europe

Jul 28, 2016

Russia’s Nuclear Brinkmanship

NATO's response must consider both military and political dimensions of Russia's renewed nuclear assertiveness

Global Security, Nuclear, USA, NATO, Russia, EU, Europe

Jul 28, 2016

The Derogation from the European Convention on Human Rights by Turkey after the Attempted Coup

After the unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey, its high-level officials, including the president, have constantly talked about the necessity of the introduction of a state of emergency, and it has actually been declared on 20 July. At the same time, the p

Global Security, EU, United Nations, Democracy, Human Rights, Europe, Turkey

Jul 28, 2016

When the Gloves Go Off? Turkey Intends to Suspend the European Convention on Human Rights

Could the state of emergency and the suspension of the ECHR justify the measures which have been adopted in Turkey in the past days (removal of public servants and teachers, purge in the judiciary, ban on academic travel, etc.)? With the ECHR suspended, a

Global Security, United Nations, Democracy, Human Rights, Europe, Turkey

Jul 21, 2016

(Inter)National Reconstruction: Revising Poststructuralist Encounters with the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The most serious problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina today are linked to the political practices of conflicting visions of nationhood and statehood. The international intervention in the country was expected to create self-sustaining political institutions

Global Security, EU, Human Rights, Europe

Jul 21, 2016

Exploitation of weaknesses: pro-Kremlin propaganda in Central-Eastern Europe

With so many imperfections, West is an easy target to pro-Kremlin propaganda. PSSI's Ivana Smolenova discuss current state of pro-Russian propaganda in Central-Eastern Europe and possible steps to counter it.

Russia, Media, V4

Jul 21, 2016

Reinstating the death penalty in Turkey after the attempted coup?

After the unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey, both high-level officials and the pro-government public suggest the reinstatement of the death penalty. Unfortunately the question tends to re-surface from time to time in other states as well, but rarely wit

EU, United Nations, Democracy, Human Rights, Asia, Europe

Apr 28, 2016

Geopolitical Confusion in Central Europe

Milan Šuplata comments on spread of illiberalism and extremism exacerbated by a Russian anti-Western propaganda campaign in the Central European political landscape

Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland

Jan 19, 2016

PCTR in 2015

PCTR continued in organizing public lectures and conferences throughout the year of 2015. Total of 17 events were arranged and in cooperation with its partners, professional publications and policy papers were published.

Cyber Security, Economic Security, Global Security, Czech Republic, Democracy, Media, Education, Europe

Jan 19, 2016

A More Geopolitical Eastern Partnership: U-Turn or “The Lady’s Not For Turning”?

Report on the latest revisions to the EU's Eastern Partnership policy

EU, Europe

Dec 22, 2015

Is Pro-Russian Propaganda Fueling Czech and Slovak Paramilitary Groups?

The ability of pro-Russian propaganda to provide ideological grounding for extremist paramilitary groups has been somewhat overlooked – read the latest analysis by Ivana Smoleňová, PSSI Outreach and Communication Manager

Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Nov 17, 2015

Jiri Schneider interview on Security Situation after Paris Attacks

PSSI's Senior Fellow Jiri Schneider discussed the security situation in Europe and the challenges and possible scenarios following last week's terrorist attacks in Paris, in an interview (in Czech) for DVTV

Global Security, Europe, Migration

Nov 17, 2015

Regional cooperation after Poland's election

‪Poland‬’s incoming rightwing government is set to announce its cabinet line-up on Monday. Should we expect a repeat of the PiS era from a decade ago? Read PSSI Senior Fellow Jiří Schneider's take for Visegrad Insight.

Poland, V4

Oct 05, 2015

Zeman's Big Plan

Zeman's proposla to deal with Islamic terrorism is not original and inapplicable for the situation in Syria.

Global Security, Russia, United Nations, Middle East

Sep 21, 2015

EU and NATO: Enhancing cooperation to counter hybrid threats

In order to develop complementary and mutually supportive approaches to counter hybrid warfare, NATO and the EU have agreed to intensify cooperation. While individual Member States of both organisations have primary responsibility for defending against hy

Cyber Security, NATO, EU, Europe

Sep 21, 2015

Bad or Even Worse?

The migrants and refugees streaming into the European Union have cast a dark shadow on the Schengen agreement: when everyone enjoys freedom of movement, it isn’t possible to regulate the number of people in any one EU member state.

Global Security, EU, Middle East, Europe, Migration

Sep 10, 2015

Europe's looming dichotomy

What we now see in Central Europe is not the result of the unfinished business of post-communist transition. It is more like a mirror in which societies to the West should start recognising traces of themselves.

EU, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Media, Human Rights, V4, Europe, Migration

Aug 14, 2015

Baku Keeps a Wary Eye on Tehran

For Azerbaijan, Iran’s coming re-entry into the world community brings both opportunities and challenges.


Aug 12, 2015

PSSI's Ivana Smolenova on pro-Russian Disinformation in Czech Radio

“In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the pro-Russian disinformation campaign comes from various sources. These are websites, informal communities on social media and NGOs. There are a few printed magazines, but the majority of the campaign is done online.

Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Media

Jul 23, 2015

A Moldovan Yerevan

Near-bankrupt and facing utility rate hikes and budget cuts, is Moldova in for a period of unrest?


Jul 20, 2015

Nenechte se terorizovat

The article outlines current worldwide trends in terrorism and political violence. It argues that 'terrorism' conventionally understood remains a marginal risk. The 'terrorists' we should be concerned about, instilling fear in people to further their poli

Global Security, Middle East, Czech Republic, Europe, Migration

Jul 20, 2015

Nova koncepce ceske zahranicni politiky nadeje nenaplnila

The article is a critique of the new Czech foreign policy concept. It argues that despite the ambitions of the current foreign policy elite, the concept does not meet the criteria of a sound strategy insofar as it does not provide a convincing 'reading' o

Czech Republic

Jul 01, 2015

Gazprom deals deepen EU gas dilemmas

The Russian plans to build new pipelines in Europe testify to the fact that the European market is and will remain a priority for Russia

Oil and Gas, Russia, EU

Jun 29, 2015

Summary – Euro-Atlantic Café: Geopolitical challenges of Europe

On the 22nd June, 2015 CEID hosted Mr.George Friedman, founder of Stratfor , Ms.Janne Haaland Matláry, Professor of the Oslo University and former State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and our Board Member, Prof. István Gyarmati for

Energy Security, Economic Security, Global Security, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, USA, NATO, Russia, EU, Hungary, Democracy, Europe, Migration

Apr 22, 2015

Risk Assessment in Construction Process in Nuclear Sector within the Central and Eastern Europe

The article deals with potential risks that emerge within the construction process of new nuclear units in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The authors analyse contemporary situation in the region with regard to risks potentially emerging in each

Energy Security, Nuclear, Czech Republic, Hungary, V4, Europe

Mar 31, 2015

Sweden and Finland: Future members of NATO?

Analyse presents the factors influencing a potential entry of Sweden and Finland into the NATO.

Global Security, NATO, Russia, EU

Mar 26, 2015

Russia's Propaganda War

In her article for American Forbes, Ms. Smolenova analyzes recent pro-Russian propaganda in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Media

Mar 17, 2015

“Nothing Is Imposed in This Policy!” The Construction and Constriction of the European Neighbourhood

Does the EU behave towards its neighbours like a partner or like a colonist? Find out in the new article by Ondřej Horký-Hlucháň and Petr Kratochvíl published in the journal Alternatives: Global, Local, Political.

EU, Europe

Mar 17, 2015

Jana Kobzová on Slovakia's changing position on Russia sanctions

As part of ECFR team, providing view from Bratislava, CEPI associate fellow Jana Kobzová commented on Slovakia's changing stance on Russia.

Russia, Slovakia, Europe

Mar 11, 2015

Letter From Bratislava

Milan Nič and Marian Majer wrote a comment on the Slovak foreign policy for Capitals Series of Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe Blog.

NATO, Slovakia, V4

Dec 16, 2014

Lehetőség vagy veszély? Az ukrajnai események hatása a visegrádi együttműködésre

The effect of the Ukranian crisis on the Visegrad Countries

Ukraine, Democracy, V4

Nov 23, 2014

Interview with PSSI's Jiri Schneider on 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

PSSI Senior Fellow Jíří Schneider is interviewed to mark the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and to provide a retrospective reflection on the aftereffects (in Czech)

Czech Republic, Democracy

Sep 12, 2014

Interview with Ivo Šlosarčík about Věra Jourová and European Commission

Interview with EUROPEUM's research fellow Ivo Šlosarčík about Věra Jourová, her portfolio and future in the European Commission.

EU, Czech Republic

Sep 11, 2014

Analyst: Portfolio for Jourová is a fail of Czech diplomacy

The interview with the director of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy about Věra Jourová's portfolio and the role of Czech diplomacy in negotiation.

EU, Czech Republic

Sep 11, 2014

Jourová, Agrofert and the conflict of interest? Hardly, officers would revolt

Interview with the director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy about Věra Jourová and her future in the European Commission

EU, Czech Republic

Sep 05, 2014

Ukraine: On the Edge of Europe

PSSI's Senior Fellow Jiří Schneider offers a sobering analysis of the current stand-off over Ukraine. Will eastern Ukraine follow the path of Transdnestr and join Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia as a territory of so-called frozen conflicts? I

Russia, Ukraine, Europe

Sep 04, 2014

CEPI makes suggestions ahead of NATO summit

Three CEPI fellows, Jaroslav Naď, Marian Majer and Milan Šuplata, have outlined suggestions for Slovakia’s delegation at the upcoming NATO Summit in Cardiff.

NATO, Slovakia, V4

Jul 24, 2014

German "Energiewende" and real chances for its success (or failure).

Germany decided to substantially change its energy policy, step known as "Energiewende". After almost three years after Fukushima disaster, turn of German policy and start of massive deployment of renewable energy sources, it is beginning to be clear that

Energy Security, Nuclear, EU, Europe

Jul 24, 2014

Future of shale gas in the EU and USA

Article shortly evaluates current situation and circumstances that could affect future shale gas extraction and its evolution in both US and the EU.

Energy Security, Oil and Gas, USA, EU

Jul 24, 2014

New Act to prohibit the extraction of Shale Gas in the Czech Republic

The discovery and the beginnings of extraction of shale gas have raised hopes about energy independence in many countries around the globe. In the Czech republic, the extraction of shale gas is only in the state of considerations and research and accordin

Energy Security, Oil and Gas, EU, Czech Republic, V4, Europe

Jul 24, 2014

Real-life options for military energy self-sufficiency

Article reveals real-life options for military energy self-sufficiency, where “Net Zero” is the new name for the future military installations. It overlooks the main problems regarding the most conventional alternative energy sources and their adaptation

Energy Security, Nuclear, Water, Oil and Gas, NATO

Jul 24, 2014

RES: Is the Czech Republic heading towards the 20-20-20 target?

The entire political representation agrees so far that trying to meet 2020 goals only made the Czech Republic less competitive, especially thanks to the rising costs of renewable energy resources for both industry and consumers. Therefore, the politicians

Energy Security, EU, Czech Republic, Europe

Jul 24, 2014

New EU Energy Strategy: Fight of emissions and economy

Article assesses position of respective EU countries towards new EU Energy Strategy (2030). There are various levels of conflict: between member states, economists and enviromentalists and last but not least in between various technologies, which should b

Energy Security, EU, Europe

Jul 24, 2014

EU and electricity generation

Article deals with the problem of generation adequacy which occured in connection with new Czech energy strategy. Will Czech republic and the whole EU have enough capacity for uninterrupted electricity supply? Will we have to import electricity in the fut

Energy Security, EU, Czech Republic, Europe

Jun 18, 2014

NATO will ensure as much security as we are willing to invest in security.

Unless we adjust our hesitant attitude to invest, the Czech Republic cannot rely on NATO as a security provider. "Our security is not as obvious as we are willing to admit", writes PSSI's Senior Fellow Jiří Schneider.

Global Security, NATO, Czech Republic

May 27, 2014

We should not be afraid of China-Russian deal

Do we really need to be afraid of China-Russian gas deal? Article assesses the current situation of Gazprom (financial as well as geopolitical) and the possible impact of the deal on further development.

Energy Security, Oil and Gas, Russia, EU, Europe

May 27, 2014

European Union is heading to another opposition agreement

In his article, Mr. Schneider brings attention to weakening position of traditional political parties, changing moods of Europeans and the possible future impact of these trends on European politics.


May 21, 2014

Interview with Roger W. Robinson, Jr. on the growing crises in Ukraine

Mr. Robinson was a host in Glen Meakem Talk Show, where he talked about economic dimension of the crises and offered some insight as to how the United States could push back against Russia for its recent aggression against the Ukraine without sending U.S.

Global Security, USA, Ukraine

May 11, 2014

Listen To An Interview With Jiri Schneider On Czech Radio About Czech EU Membership

Ten years ago, Czech Republic joined the EU. What are positive and negative aspects of Czech EU membership? You can listen to an interview with Jiri Schneider, former first deputy minister at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and currently PSSI's Seni

EU, Czech Republic

May 08, 2014

After Ukraine, Countries That Border Russia Starts Thinking About Deterrents

Jiri Schneider, PSSI's Director of Special Projects and Senior Fellow, in American Magazine Newsweek about new context to NATO deterrence.


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