Jun 29, 2015

Summary – Euro-Atlantic Café: Geopolitical challenges of Europe

On the 22nd June, 2015 CEID hosted Mr.George Friedman, founder of Stratfor , Ms.Janne Haaland Matláry, Professor of the Oslo University and former State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and our Board Member, Prof. István Gyarmati for

Energy Security, Economic Security, Global Security, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, USA, NATO, Russia, EU, Hungary, Democracy, Europe, Migration

Apr 22, 2015

Risk Assessment in Construction Process in Nuclear Sector within the Central and Eastern Europe

The article deals with potential risks that emerge within the construction process of new nuclear units in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The authors analyse contemporary situation in the region with regard to risks potentially emerging in each

Energy Security, Nuclear, Czech Republic, Hungary, V4, Europe

Jul 24, 2014

German "Energiewende" and real chances for its success (or failure).

Germany decided to substantially change its energy policy, step known as "Energiewende". After almost three years after Fukushima disaster, turn of German policy and start of massive deployment of renewable energy sources, it is beginning to be clear that

Energy Security, Nuclear, EU, Europe

Jul 24, 2014

Future of shale gas in the EU and USA

Article shortly evaluates current situation and circumstances that could affect future shale gas extraction and its evolution in both US and the EU.

Energy Security, Oil and Gas, USA, EU

Jul 24, 2014

New Act to prohibit the extraction of Shale Gas in the Czech Republic

The discovery and the beginnings of extraction of shale gas have raised hopes about energy independence in many countries around the globe. In the Czech republic, the extraction of shale gas is only in the state of considerations and research and accordin

Energy Security, Oil and Gas, EU, Czech Republic, V4, Europe

Jul 24, 2014

Real-life options for military energy self-sufficiency

Article reveals real-life options for military energy self-sufficiency, where “Net Zero” is the new name for the future military installations. It overlooks the main problems regarding the most conventional alternative energy sources and their adaptation

Energy Security, Nuclear, Water, Oil and Gas, NATO

Jul 24, 2014

RES: Is the Czech Republic heading towards the 20-20-20 target?

The entire political representation agrees so far that trying to meet 2020 goals only made the Czech Republic less competitive, especially thanks to the rising costs of renewable energy resources for both industry and consumers. Therefore, the politicians

Energy Security, EU, Czech Republic, Europe

Jul 24, 2014

New EU Energy Strategy: Fight of emissions and economy

Article assesses position of respective EU countries towards new EU Energy Strategy (2030). There are various levels of conflict: between member states, economists and enviromentalists and last but not least in between various technologies, which should b

Energy Security, EU, Europe

Jul 24, 2014

EU and electricity generation

Article deals with the problem of generation adequacy which occured in connection with new Czech energy strategy. Will Czech republic and the whole EU have enough capacity for uninterrupted electricity supply? Will we have to import electricity in the fut

Energy Security, EU, Czech Republic, Europe

May 27, 2014

We should not be afraid of China-Russian deal

Do we really need to be afraid of China-Russian gas deal? Article assesses the current situation of Gazprom (financial as well as geopolitical) and the possible impact of the deal on further development.

Energy Security, Oil and Gas, Russia, EU, Europe

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