IRSEC Hub Editorial Policies and Guidelines

All partners and content contributors to the IRSEC Hub are required to act in accordance and follow IRSEC Hub Editorial Policies and Guidelines:

  1. IRSEC Hub Integrity – The topical focus of IRSEC Hub is international relations, security affairs and similar topics from fields like politics or diplomacy. Partners are discouraged from uploading information that is far from these fields and that would significantly undermine IRSEC Hub's topical homogeneity.
  2. Transparency, Truth and Accuracy – The credibility of the IRSEC Hub platform heavily depends on the factual accuracy of its content. The presentation of information and opinions must be accurate and objective. All materials displayed on this website must be appropriate, transparent, properly sourced, based on sound evidence and avoid unfounded speculations.
  3. Diversity of Perspectives – The IRSEC Hub promotes open-mindedness and a balance of sound evidence. Even though IRSEC Hub respects freedom of speech and diversity of opinions, partners should avoid unduly favoring one perspective over another and ensure that no relevant strand of thought is knowingly unreflected or under-represented.
  4. Fairness –IRSEC Hub is based on fairness and honesty and all partners should ensure that all audiences are treated with respect. In case any allegation is made, a fair opportunity to respond should be provided. In addition, IRSEC Hub partners must ensure that another's work is not misrepresented as somebody else's work.
  5. Privacy – Organizers and all partners should respect the privacy of each individual. It should not be intruded without sound justification or a good reason. Private discussions, correspondence and private information does not have a place on IRSEC Hub platform unless the overall public interest prevails over the right for privacy.
  6. Harm and Offence – Partners should ensure that the information and documents they provide to this website are not harmful to vulnerable minorities and avoid unjustified offence. All partners should exercise careful judgment of the consequences of their opinions and statements.
  7. Advertising and Commercial References – IRSEC Hub is a non-profit project promoting non-commercial research and activities. Therefore, partners are strongly discouraged from making commercial references, advertising, or promoting a commercial product, company or partner's sponsor.

As an aggregator of third party content, and not the creator of the content, IRSEC Hub does not hold any legal rights or responsibilities for the information and documents uploaded and provided at the IRSEC Hub website. However, IRSEC Hub administrators have the right to monitor and edit every input provided on this website. Violation of above guidelines may result in permanent expulsion from the IRSEC Hub partner network. If you find any information on this website that might violate the above editorial policies, please contact IRSEC Hub's team immediately.

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