Jul 21, 2016

Exploitation of weaknesses: pro-Kremlin propaganda in Central-Eastern Europe

With so many imperfections, West is an easy target to pro-Kremlin propaganda. PSSI's Ivana Smolenova discuss current state of pro-Russian propaganda in Central-Eastern Europe and possible steps to counter it.

Russia, Media, V4

Nov 17, 2015

Regional cooperation after Poland's election

‪Poland‬’s incoming rightwing government is set to announce its cabinet line-up on Monday. Should we expect a repeat of the PiS era from a decade ago? Read PSSI Senior Fellow Jiří Schneider's take for Visegrad Insight.

Poland, V4

Sep 10, 2015

Europe's looming dichotomy

What we now see in Central Europe is not the result of the unfinished business of post-communist transition. It is more like a mirror in which societies to the West should start recognising traces of themselves.

EU, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Media, Human Rights, V4, Europe, Migration

Apr 22, 2015

Risk Assessment in Construction Process in Nuclear Sector within the Central and Eastern Europe

The article deals with potential risks that emerge within the construction process of new nuclear units in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The authors analyse contemporary situation in the region with regard to risks potentially emerging in each

Energy Security, Nuclear, Czech Republic, Hungary, V4, Europe

Mar 11, 2015

Letter From Bratislava

Milan Nič and Marian Majer wrote a comment on the Slovak foreign policy for Capitals Series of Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe Blog.

NATO, Slovakia, V4

Dec 16, 2014

Lehetőség vagy veszély? Az ukrajnai események hatása a visegrádi együttműködésre

The effect of the Ukranian crisis on the Visegrad Countries

Ukraine, Democracy, V4

Sep 04, 2014

CEPI makes suggestions ahead of NATO summit

Three CEPI fellows, Jaroslav Naď, Marian Majer and Milan Šuplata, have outlined suggestions for Slovakia’s delegation at the upcoming NATO Summit in Cardiff.

NATO, Slovakia, V4

Jul 24, 2014

New Act to prohibit the extraction of Shale Gas in the Czech Republic

The discovery and the beginnings of extraction of shale gas have raised hopes about energy independence in many countries around the globe. In the Czech republic, the extraction of shale gas is only in the state of considerations and research and accordin

Energy Security, Oil and Gas, EU, Czech Republic, V4, Europe

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