Online Lecture: David King - Working With the Military - Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Partner: Prague Security Studies Institute
Event date: Jun 01, 2014 - Jun 06, 2014
Deadline for registering: Jun 01, 2014
Venue: Prague, Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Category: Lecture

Having over five years of professional experience managing and designing governance and security related training programs for Department of Defense (DoD), State Department, USAID and other US government agencies deploying officials to South Asia and the Middle East, David King presented on “Working with the Military – Lessons Learned“ at the PSSI’s Interagency Civilian-Military Training (ICMT) in June 2014.

His presentation began with the most fundamental question - Why does this matter? As a person wishing to participate in high-stress/post-conflict/reconstruction mission, everyone should ask themselves the same elementary question. Civil-military operations are the future of all military operations. It is increasingly difficult for the military to go anywhere without incorporation civilians withing their capacities. While touching upon some of the pitfalls and lessons learned that can be drawn out from missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, he also highlighted some of the successes that are worth repeating in the future.

In a nutshell, Mr. King gives a thorough and user-friendly guide on how to prepare for civilian-military deployment. If there was only one lesson to take away from the presentation, he would wish the participants to be empowered as advocates for their own safety and their own training. 

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Keywords: Global Security, Education, Afghanistan


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